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SM OC - Kousagi by StargazerSammie SM OC - Kousagi by StargazerSammie
Updated! I kinda overhauled her young design with new bangs and pigtails, added on her final form Ginzuishou which is a Star Flower and finally got around to pixeling her adult design which I've had designed for a while now.

Kousagi's Adult design is heavily influenced by Chibiusa. Her childhood adventure with her pink haired 'twin' left an impression on her that lasted a lifetime. When she became older, she started wearing her hair in Chibiusa's rabbit ear buns and her adult gown carries influences of Chibiusa's princess gown. She even named her daughter Usagi, not only after her mother but after the friend she made and she tells her daughter the story of the pink haired princess from another world, a lesson of that even when your hope is gone, your friends will save you.


My new fanbaby >w<

Made for a story on a whim, I fell in love with her and decided to expand on her character.

Kousagi comes from a parallel world, reached by a strange mirror. Her name, Kousagi, is a portmanteau of her parents names, Kou Seiya (not Seiya Kou like some believe) and Usagi Tsukino. Her true name is Lady Serenity, just like Chibiusa, who she is the counterpart to.

Kousagi, like Chibiusa, also has a kitten named Diana and a Luna-P though her Luna-P is white like Artemis. She wears the ginzuishou on a chain around her neck to protect it. Her final form Ginzuishou would be a star shaped flower instead of Chibiusa's rose or her mother's lotus.

Because Kousagi was designed to be a mirror world counterpart to Chibiusa, they have many similarities. However, they also have their differences.

.: About Kousagi :.
Name: Lady Serenity
Nicknames: Kousagi, Small Lady
Full Title: Her Royal Highness Princess Small Lady Serenity of Crystal Tokyo

Birthdate: June 30th
Age: 8
Height: 4'0 (She is slightly shorter than an average 8 year old)

Skintone: Pale like moonlight
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long, wavy with curling tips. Kept in circular odango with short pigtails.

Personality: Formerly vibrant and happy, turned shy and distrusting after the destruction of her home.

Fears? - Darkness, the Death Phantom, storms
Likes? - Sweets, sleeping, daydreaming, gardening, baking
Dislikes? - Bitter and sour foods, princess lessons,

.: Other Information :.

Personal History: Kousagi was a vibrant and happy girl in her early childhood. With two loving mothers and four caring guardians, she was shown as much affection as any child could hope for. She enjoyed spending time with Makoto in the gardens or in the kitchens, having Minako use her as a miniature fashion model, Rei teaching her how to train her senses and even having Ami teach her princess lessons (though the lessons themselves were very boring). However, this changed with the fallout with the Black Moon clan and subsequent destruction of her home and loss of everyone she cares of, leaving her a broken child, hopeless and sad. She has now become shy and distrusting, and can often be found holding her Luna-P as a way to reassure herself. When she meets Chibiusa, she is initially very distrustful of her but following Chibiusa saving her and a hologram message from her mother, she begins to trust in her and a bit of hope that everything can change is renewed.

Mother: Usagi Tsukino/Neo Queen Serenity
Father: Kou Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter
Siblings: None
Grandparents: Ikuko & Kenji Tsukino and Queen Selenity (deceased) ; Uncle: Shingo Tsukino

Special Items:
Luna-P - A gift for her birthday, this strange toy can transform when given a command. It also projects a hologram of Neo Queen Serenity to comfort Kousagi.
Star Locket - A gift from her mother, the soothing lullaby brings comfort to Kousagi.
Ginzuishou - The legendary silver crystal, Kousagi wears it on a chain around her neck. With her mother missing, she is the only one who can properly wield it and protect it. When she isn't wearing it, she keeps it hidden in a secret compartment in Luna-P's mouth.

.: Information :.
Time: 5 hours

Base: Brianna by porcelian-doll -…

Kousagi (c) Myself

Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi

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Thank you c: Not yet, I haven't come up with a good design for her. But she will have one eventually!
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